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Here are our most frequently asked questions. If you need further support, reach out to our team.

Who can be nominated?

The awards are open to all youth up to and including 20 years old (as of July 2024) that reside in the US. Nominees do not need any specific credentials.

Why should I participate?

Even if you aren’t selected this year, you’ll be joining a vibrant network of like-minded individuals while creating valuable connections with a Fortune 500 Global Branded food company. Award winners will have the ability to receive mentorship opportunities with previous 10 under 20 winners while also receiving a Hormel Foods Grant to support your cause!

How much time commitment is required to participate?

We know that our members are involved in many fun activities and have school responsibilities. For this reason, we have designed the award activations to be done in your own free time. How much time you want to volunteer and share ideas with others is completely up to you!

Do I have to pay?

Nope! Participation in the awards is completely free and any future events or activations are fully sponsored by Hormel Foods.

What is the age range to be eligible for nomination?

Nominees need to be under 20 years old (as of July 2024) to be considered for the 10 under 20 Food Heroes Award. There is no minimum age requirement to participate.

Does each nominee need to have a nonprofit organization?

No! While having a nonprofit organization is commendable, it is not a requirement for nomination. The Awards are open to all young individuals, regardless of whether or not they are affiliated with a nonprofit. We value diverse experiences and initiatives that contribute to positive change in the food industry and local communities. So, feel free to nominate any young social entrepreneur who is making a difference, regardless of their organizational structure.