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Celebrating the work of young entrepreneurs who are working to address environmental and food insecurity problems.

Award Guidelines

Specific criteria considered for the awards include:

  1. Innovation and Creativity. We are searching for changemakers, who have harnessed creativity and resourcefulness to make a tangible impact on their community and inspire others.
  2. Community Impact. We are seeking individuals who have made a tangible impact on their communities.
  3. Focus on Food. We are looking for individuals who are passionate about addressing food insecurity, whether they have pioneered projects to feed communities in need, or volunteered with other organizations. A commitment to the issue of food security will be highly valued.
  4. Leadership. We seek individuals with strong leadership skills, eager to mobilize and inspire others to join their cause, as well as a willingness to share their stories. Our nominee’s ability to rally a team and navigate challenges will be acknowledged.


Showcase your efforts and get exposure to a wider audience.

Opportunities to have your project featured in media outlets.

Mentorship opportunities from 10 under 20 alumni, and/or leaders from Hormel Foods.

Grant of $2,500 to the nonprofit organization of your choice.

Join a vibrant network of like-minded individuals, fostering invaluable connections within the food industry and beyond.

Additional Recognitions

Rising Stars

The Rising Stars category recognizes and celebrates young change makers who are at the beginning of their journey. These inspiring individuals display remarkable passion, innovation, and determination as they embark on their path to make a positive impact. The Rising Stars category shines a spotlight on their early accomplishments, encouraging their continued growth, and inspiring others to join them in shaping the future of food.


Introducing the “Ambassador” category at the Food Heroes Awards, a recognition dedicated to established organizations that are making a significant positive impact in addressing food insecurity and strengthening communities, serving as an inspiration for 10 under 20 candidates. This category acknowledges the remarkable work of these individuals who tirelessly work towards creating a sustainable and equitable food system.

Alumni Achievement

Each year, as part of the Food Heroes Awards, we proudly recognize some of our alumni for their remarkable accomplishments in making a lasting impact on their communities and nationwide. This category celebrates the outstanding achievements of individuals who have leveraged their “Food Heroes” recognition to amplify their efforts. From renowned chefs to influential entrepreneurs and passionate activists, the Alumni achievement honors these exceptional changemakers who continue to inspire and drive positive change.